Case study:





Website redesign

Company overview:

Cargiant is the worlds largest used car dealership.

The brief:

To redesign the website to give it a more clean and simple look and to create a smoother, less complex user journey.

Cargiant web page image
The process:

After many years in development, and after having launched their previous website in 2017, the company quickly realised that the user interface design was too busy and over embellished; this made the user journey seem complicated and unclear. It did not fit with the simple, no-fuss brand that they had spent decades building and this was impacting negatively on the website's conversion rates.

Cargiant image
The redesign:

The solution was simply to ‘simplify’ the design and make the user journey as smooth and easy as possible. Limiting the amount of categories and content on the landing and top level pages helps to uncomplicate the user journey as these categories present only information that is most important. Furthermore, by providing enough links ensures that visitors are easily guided to information that interests them.

Cargiant image
Cargiant image
The user experience:

Much of the analytics results revealed that while the site had been generating a enough traffic, issues would arrise when users would attempt to complete the search and application forms. After analysing multiple usability test results, we were able to identify how visitors interpret and react to information and we were subsequently able to better understand how these issues can best be corrected.

The result

A simple and seamless user journey and better user experience with better website conversion rates.

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