The Little Knit

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Case study:

The Little Knit


The Little Knit


Brand design and poster design

Company overview:

The Little Knit is a charity aimed to help disadvantaged children and young people in need, across the UK. The little knit project aims to raise money by encouraging schools to take part in knitting sessions for primary school students. The knitting sessions run for approximately one hour during school hours and are led by a volunteer knitting instructor. The students learn how to knit a variety of patterns i.e. squares (which will form patchwork blankets), beanies, and scarves, and do so in a warm, fun and supportive environment. All knitted works are sold or donated and all money raised supports children in need.

The brief:

Research and apply learned outcomes to the brand development and poster design strategies. Touch-points: The logo connotes a sense of youth, fun and simplplicity; the posters possess a clean, yet colourful look, which communicates a sense of fun but yet clean and simple so that it will be informative and easy to read. Desired look and feel: Fun; bright and colourful; simple - noncomplex.

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The Process:

The overall objective, in terms of the design, was to create a fun and colourful, yet clean and modern brandname, logo and poster, which would all serve to inform and appeal to the target audience demographic.

For the logo design, I used inspiration from a combination of fonts such as sans serif and handwriting styled fonts. By manipulating the structure of the font, I created an effect that resembles a string of yarn which swirls from the ‘t’. I adopted the colour scheme of yellow, blue, green, and red which are used throughout the BBC’s children in need campaign. These colours help to create a stronger connection with the cause while also communicating the purpose of the project.

A variety of styles, layouts and compositions were applied to the poster designs, working with both a more traditional, centre-aligned layout, as well as a minimal-ist composition using line, type and text. All of which help to create a sense of harmony and balance.

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